Is your vagina too tight?

Many ladies seem to have a problem with tight vaginas. There are several reasons for that. As you get older, your hormonal balance changes and it may cause you to suffer from both vaginal tightness and dryness. It can be a bit of a deal breaker in a long term relationship but can be over come. What you really need to do, is to find away of helping your partner to relax and find a solution that works for them.

There are a lot of gels and lubrications methods that might work for you. Anita works for London escorts and also has a mum who is going through the perimenopause. She says that her mum has found a lot of help from natural lubrication gels that you can buy in the pharmacy. If you are clever about it, you can easily make them part of general sex toy play and both partners can enjoy the experience. Lots of the girls at London escorts use natural baby oil as a gently lubricant.

If you are rather new to sex, you may be experiencing the same problem. It could often mean that you are a bit worried about having sex, and concerned that it may hurt. I have a couple of friends at London escorts who have got younger sisters, and they seem to be talking about this topic endlessly. When I was younger, it was a problem for me as well. A lot of it has to do with your partner. Young men are kind of a bit too fast and furious. Honestly, I keep on wondering if younger ladies should at least enjoy the companionship of a more experienced lover. Before I joined London escorts, I used to go out with an older guy and her certainly helped me to relax about sex.

Above all, it is important not to force yourself into having sex and causing problems. The vagina is pretty flexible and can accommodate some amazing size penises. But at the same time, you need to appreciate that there is an emotional link to vaginal tightness and penetration. If you are tense, damage can easily be caused. I am not a sex expert, but I have learned a lot from my colleagues at London escorts. Most of the sexy girls at the best outcall London escorts service are happy to talk about these things.

Overall, you do need to look after your vagina. I have had a few problems with thrush and stuff like that in the past. The girls here at London escorts advised me to stay away from sugar, and that has helped a lot. If you want to increase natural lubrication, there are a couple of girls here at London escorts suggest that eating the right thing can help. Believe it or not, avocados are suppose to help. Well, they can give you really nice skin, so I am pretty sure that they can help to overall lubricate the more vital parts of our body such as our vagina.

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